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Achieving the impossible

with Tom Coyne

Tom Coyne, author and faculty member at St. Joseph’s University, shares stories of his attempt at becoming a professional golfer, and how moments in sport can draw people closer together. Read More 

On his proudest moment

with Dorian Long

Dorian Long, former coach and student-athlete at Neumann University, tells us about his proudest moment in his athletic career. Read More 

On his favorite sports memories

with Jim Watson

The staff of the Institute had the good fortune to sit down with Jim Watson, NHL Stanley Cup winner with the Philadelphia Flyers. Here, he shares with us his favorite moments from his playing career. Read More 

On her athletic career

with Theresa Huke

Theresa Huke, Director of the John C. Ford Academic Resource Center at Neumann University, shares with us some stories from her athletic career. Read More 

Tough love

with Ollie Johnson

Ollie Johnson, former NBA basketball player out of Temple University, discusses how his experiences in basketball taught him that it’s necessary to hear that you must “dig deeper” in order to “do better.” Read More 

Work hard, stay humble

with Jim Watson

Jim Watson, NHL Stanley Cup winner with the Philadelphia Flyers, tells us about the importance of working hard and staying humble. Read More 

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Students involved in Mission and Ministry at Neumann University recently spent time at the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.

Summer Service ft. Jen Sieminski

July 11, 2017 | by Evan Zielinski

Jen Sieminski, a rising sophomore on the Neumann University softball team, recently put aside her cleats as she picked up a … Read More 

Redemption through Victories 2

Redemption Through Victories

April 12, 2017 | by Marco Sifoni

To be the last two teams standing, in an exhausting 64 team tournament, is an accomplishment within itself but, who … Read More 

Photo (c) Matt Slocum/Associated Press

The Cubs, the World Series, and the faithful fans

November 3, 2016 | by Jeffrey B. Eisenberg

Even more than for the players on the field, the Chicago Cubs’ World Series Championship might be most poignant for those who have built a love for the team over a lifetime of experiences, relationships, and belief. Read More 

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See the blackness as a sign of God’s love. God is freeing you from yourself. No matter how well you traveled before, you did not travel well enough. Now God must lead you by the hand and guide you in the darkness. You would never have succeeded in reaching this place by yourself, no matter how good your eyes and your feet. St. John of the Cross