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ISSCD Launches Leaders of the Knight

October 19, 2017

The Institute for Sport, Spirituality and Character Development recently launched Leaders of the Knight—a leadership training program for Neumann University … Read More 

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A Neumann basketball story

with Gerald Bryant

Gerald Bryant, a former student-athlete at Neumann University, tells us the story from his Neumann basketball playing days. Read More 

Swimming back from paralysis

with Haley Scott DeMaria

Haley Scott DeMaria shares her harrowing and ultimately triumphant story of her return to collegiate swimming after a fatal bus accident left her paralyzed. Read More 

On the importance of youth sport

with Evelyn Bennett

The staff of the Institute talked with Evelyn Bennett, accomplished tennis athlete, runner, and equestrian, about her views on the importance of youth sport. Read More 

Basketball memories

with Sr. Peggy Egan, OSF

Sister Peggy Egan, OSF, Dean of Students at Neumann University, shares with us some memories from her basketball career. Read More 

On his Neumann Athletics experience

with Len Schuler

Len Schuler, Associate Director of Athletics and Assistant Softball Coach, has been a part of our Neumann community for close to 30 years. We are grateful to Len for sharing with us the story of his Neumann experience. Read More 

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I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it.

- Mia Hamm