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ISSCD Launches Leaders of the Knight

October 19, 2017

The Institute for Sport, Spirituality and Character Development recently launched Leaders of the Knight—a leadership training program for Neumann University … Read More 

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Reflecting on an injury

with Rosie Kays

Rosie Kays, a former student-athlete at Neumann University and current graduate student in Sport Management at Temple University, tells us the story of a significant athletic injury, and how it impacted her playing career. Read More 

On an important coach

with Dorian Long

Dorian Long, former coach and student-athlete at Neumann University, discusses the role played by an important coach in his life. Read More 

On the importance of mentorship

with Evelyn Bennett

Evelyn Bennett, accomplished tennis athlete, runner, and equestrian, shares with us her proudest moment in her athletic career, and the importance of finding a good mentor. Read More 

with The Institute for Sport, Spirituality, and Character Development

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A new thought, a sudden insight is invariably accompanied by an intake of breath as the thought occurs, followed by the ‘ah’ of mental confirmation, which is an exhalation – both the taking in of the breath of life, the receiving, and the enlivened blowing out, giving to the world the spirit laden thought.

- Ainslie Clair Yardley, Ph.D.