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ISSCD Launches Leaders of the Knight

October 19, 2017

The Institute for Sport, Spirituality and Character Development recently launched Leaders of the Knight—a leadership training program for Neumann University … Read More 

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Faith, family, flexibility, commitment & resilience

with Dr. Rosalie Mirenda

The Institute welcomed Dr. Rosallie Mirenda, President of Neumann University, for an installment of our Faith Hope + Lunch series. Dr. Mirenda talked about her life, work and faith in a talk titled “Faith, Family, Flexibility, Commitment & Resilience.” Read More 

A Neumann basketball story

with Gerald Bryant

Gerald Bryant, a former student-athlete at Neumann University, tells us the story from his Neumann basketball playing days. Read More 

Lessons learned through sports

with Joe Gorman

Joseph Gorman, M.B.A., CPA, Vice President for Finance and Administration at Neumann University, shares his thoughts on the lessons that can be learned through sports. Read More 

Sports and relationships

with Dr. Joe Gillespie

Joseph Gillespie, Ed.D., Professor of Education and Dean of the Division of Education and Human Services at Neumann University, shares some stories of the profound relationships that can develop through sport. Read More 

A childhood sports memory

with David Brownlee

David Brownlee. M.S, Vice President for Human Resources and Risk Management at Neumann, shares the story of a childhood sports memory. Read More 

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While recounting Indiana State’s loss to Michigan State in the 1979 NCAA National Basketball Championship, Larry Bird said, “I’ve always been heartbroken by the fact that I wasn’t able to bring that championship trophy back to Terre Haute. I didn’t play the way I usually played… Hell… Magic was just too tough.” Seth Davis, When March Went Mad.