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ISSCD Launches Leaders of the Knight

October 19, 2017

The Institute for Sport, Spirituality and Character Development recently launched Leaders of the Knight—a leadership training program for Neumann University … Read More 

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Philadelphia PowerPlay

with Lauren Shipman

Neumann student Lauren Shipman shares her passion for the gift of playing on a power wheelchair hockey team. Read More 

On his baseball experience

with Mathieu Vallières

Mathieu Vallières, a student-athlete at Neumann University. Here, he tells us the story of his baseball career. Read More 

On his Neumann Athletics experience

with Len Schuler

Len Schuler, Associate Director of Athletics and Assistant Softball Coach, has been a part of our Neumann community for close to 30 years. We are grateful to Len for sharing with us the story of his Neumann experience. Read More 

The school of fish

with Sr. Eileen Valerie Kulacz

Sr. Eileen Valerie, a Sister of Saint Francis since 1975, tells us her stories of fishing with her father as a young child, and of how much she learned about their relationship in those moments on the pond. Read More 

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Mirenda Center Exhibit
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Nadia Comaneci
At the 1976 Montreal Olympics, Nadia Comaneci became the first Olympic gymnast to score a perfect 10. Amazingly, she earned seven perfect 10’s, won five Olympic gold medals and is credited with popularizing the sport around the world.