NUTF: It Is Important To Take A Step Back

Written By: Siobhan Cunningham

The word reverence, like most words, carries a different meaning depending on the context. When most people think of the word reverence, they associate it with respect. On this team, we define the word as more than respect but also pride. We take pride in mastering our craft and that looks different for many people. Sometimes it means taking a day off for proper recovery, or it could be dedicating extra time to practice. We represent Neumann University with pride through our interactions with other teams; we respect that each athlete has different strengths and weaknesses than us. We make it a point to wish opposing teams luck before each race and congratulate them after finishing.

Just as our professors and the faculty motivate each of us to be the best versions of ourselves, inside and outside of the classroom, we expect the same out of each other. We understand that each athlete is unique in their own way and has different skillsets.  All we ask of each other is for 100% effort and to work to their fullest potential. We express this well during track meets; we are constantly cheering each other on during the various events as well as comforting one another when we are discouraged. Sometimes it is important for us to take a step back from the mindset, “I lost the race…” or “I fouled all three attempts in long jump…” and reassess the situation.

Our track and field allow us to do just that! Any track or field we compete on is a sacred space because it allows us to be free and clear our minds.  During those moments of being on the track, we are given the opportunity to have personal time to think, reflect, and communicate spiritually. Before we step on the line, we invite God through prayer and ask Him to bless us, keep us safe, to take our worries.  On the track and field we are able to acknowledge our weaknesses and differences but, through reverence, we are able to strengthen our bond as a team to respect and appreciate what everyone brings.

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