Men’s VB: It Is Natural To Feel Valued, Appreciated, and Supported

Written By: Ryan Bollinger

Through Neumann University’s core values of RISES, our community lives out the actions which these values encourage.  Reverence, Integrity, Service, Excellence, and Stewardship promote and incorporate both positivity and Catholic social values.  Reverence, the first value of RISES, can be defined as recognizing and acknowledging an individual’s strengths and talents.  All parts of the Franciscan Mission and Values can be used by students at Neumann in various aspects of their life. For example, the Men’s Volleyball Team strives to live out these RISES values on a daily basis, especially Reverence.

I have been a part of many sports teams in the past and realize that there has always been Reverence for members on the team. The Men’s Volleyball team is no different whereas we demonstrate Reverence at each practice and game.  Through our team culture, it is natural to feel valued, appreciated, and supported.  We acknowledge and respect that each individual member of the team has different talents.  This is where each member of the team can be viewed as sacred.  Similarly, to my teammates, I view myself as sacred because I believe that God has given me the courage and talent to play volleyball.  Each member of our team brings something unique to our team.  So, if a teammate makes a bad play or mistake, the other teammates do not put him down, rather they reassure him to do better on the next play.  If a teammate makes a good play during a game or a practice, that person is cheered on and encouraged by his fellow teammates. I believe Reverence is a part of our team, due to our actions of supporting one another and valuing each other as it creates a sacred brotherhood.

In addition, the court can also be viewed as sacred because this is where those involved experience both God and reverence.  There are many different components and people that are involved within a game such as our opponents, coaches, teammates, team chaplains, and officials.  Each one of them is sacred because I believe that God is a part of the reason why they are there.  God has given each of them the desire and ability to be a part of this game.  We are reverent towards the game that we are fortunate enough to play.  There is no doubt that if we respect the game we love and believe and trust in one another and our talents that we can accomplish amazing things!

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