Club Baseball: Sometimes All It Takes Is That Extra Push

Club Baseball defines reverence as recognizing the individual strengths and talents of each team member and this is done by motivating each other, whether in the classroom or, in our case, on the baseball field.  We take pride in respecting one another and motivating each other to give that extra encouragement to succeed.  Whether I have a rough inning pitched or Dave makes a nice play at shortstop, our guys are always there to get us back on our feet.  Sometimes all it takes is that extra push of confidence to achieve our goals.

In addition, Club Baseball has the privilege of having Sister Linda as our team chaplain. Before each game, we say a prayer together as a team. Calling on God to watch over us during our games is only one way that makes our field a sacred place.  Not only do the prayers bring us physically together but, the field brings us together as well.  It is on the field where we spend the most time with each other which creates a strong community of brothers.  Our baseball field is sacred because we encounter our true selves as our guards are down and, it is where we recognize each individuals’ talents, strengths, and weaknesses.  It is through our struggles where we gain a deeper respect for the game of baseball and the efforts that we put into it.  We are given this opportunity to motivate each other and focus on how we can help each other become the best version of themselves.  Through Reverence, we are able to value and appreciate the game of baseball, each other, and our relationships.

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