Excellence Through Golf

Written By: Justin Howe

With wins and losses put aside, our team defines excellence by always taking our practice rounds or tournaments by 1 shot at a time and always giving 100% effort on that 1 shot. I know that sounds cliché, but golf is game of ups and downs, uncertainty, and bad luck. Our version of excellence is our ability to adapt to those moments of uncertainty and bad luck and focus only on giving 100% on that next shot. Many people think of golf as an individual sport, but in college, it is a team sport where every shot counts. In golf it is easy to give up on hole 7 or 8 when you just don’t have it that day; it’s easy to just go through the motions, not read putts, and give up on the round. But our team takes pride in being able to grind out rounds when we are not playing our best golf; effort is something our golf team feels passionately about. We build our culture of excellence through challenge.

Every practice we have is a battle to the very last hole to see who wins that day even if it means finishing in the dark which happens almost every time. We have a special group of guys this year; we are a really close team who truly enjoys challenging each other to become better players. Our team is a group of selfless men who truly care for one another and take pride in being part of the Neumann Golf Program.

Our coach, Frank Sill created the base of our culture of excellence by always pushing and challenging us to always give 100% effort, which is why excellence on our team is not about the number on the scorecard, it’s about always taking it 1 shot at a time and giving 100% on that 1 shot.

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