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Inspiring sports moments... some bring you to your knees while others bring you off your feet. There are moments that generate tears of joy and those that generate tears wrought with pain.

A life can be inspired in a moment. No matter the level of competition or role in the industry, sports' potential to inspire is worthy of exploration. Astin and Astin's (2010) seminal study on the spiritual life of college students found that "a hunger exists within the higher education community for more conversation around issues of spirituality, meaning, and purpose in work and life" (p. 1). This academic, online forum - Perspectives on Sport and Inspiration - has been created to explore inspiration in sports. Created through a collaboration between the Neumann University Sport Management program and the Institute for Sport, Spirituality and Character Development, PSI also provides practical resources on sports' ability to inspire.  

PSI covers a wide range of topics related to sport and inspiration. Researchers are encouraged to examine - through theory and/or practice - inspirational opportunities in sports as they relate to the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Sport Management
  • Character Development
  • Faith Formation
  • Wellness (injury prevention/rehabilitation)
  • Team Development / Teamwork














Perspectives on Sport and Inspiration will publish submissions of varying lengths and formats. Submissions may take one of two forms: traditional/scholarly, or practical application.


Scholarly Submissions

Please submit a 200-300 word abstract describing your paper proposal that will appeal to a scholarly audience of researchers and academics in the field of athletics and/or spirituality. If abstract is accepted, final papers are requested to be 5,000 - 7,000 words in length and properly cited using APA guidelines.

Applied Submissions

Different from the traditional scholarly article, submissions for this category should take the form of case studies, essays, book reviews, educational research reviews or teaching narratives. While opinions are welcome, they must be grounded in evidence, therefore citations are necessary in the initial submission but might not appear in the final piece. Intended audience is athletics administrators, coaches, sport management professionals and teachers. Please submit a 150 - 250 word proposal describing your practical application and the evidence/research that supports it. 















The first issue of Perspectives on Sport and Inspiration will be published with proceedings from the conference (October 21 - 22, 2016). All future issues will be published here as downloadable PDFs. PSI is a rolling publication, meaning papers will be published as they are reviewed and accepted.














October 21 - 22, 2016

Neumann University       Aston, PA (Suburban Philadelphia)

Conference schedule now available - Click Here

The inaugural Perspectives on Sport and Inspiration conference will kick off the online publication and bring researchers, athletic administrators, sport chaplains, and coaches together to explore the importance of inspiration through sport. High quality papers associated with conference presentations will be published in future issues of PSI.

Conference proposals decisions have been sent out and the registration form is embedded below. A $75 charge ($40 for students) for the two-day conference will include all on-site fees along with meals. In addition, attendees are welcome to come early for our 2016 Institute for Sport, Spirituality and Character Development Award, which we'll present to Ron Meyer of the Blessed2Play radio show on Thursday night, October 20, with a reception beforehand.

If you plan on flying in to Philadelphia to attend the conference, we recommend finding accommodations at the Embassy Suites - Philadelphia Airport. Current rates at the Embassy Suites start at $173 per night (plus tax) and includes continental breakfast each morning and a complementary shuttle from the airport to the hotel. Each morning and evening, we will provide a free shuttle from the Embassy Suites to Neumann for the conference.


Registration is now open!


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Perspectives on Sport and Inspiration was created through a special collaboration between

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