NUWL: What Does Excellence Mean to you?

My name is Gabby Curry and I am representing the Women’s Lacrosse Team.  The definition of excellence is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. Our Neumann Women’s lacrosse team exemplifies that on and off the field. The way we define excellence is by never giving up and working your hardest. There are key moments that make a team excellent. It starts at practice, giving it all you got. Which then makes its way to the field. What excellence looks like on our team is focusing on the little things. Those little things are a key part of what makes a team great. Going hard in every ground ball, shooting with 100% every shot you take and always having your teammates back.

An example of excellence on our team was our semi-final game against Immaculata. That game went into double overtime and we had each other’s back the whole way through. No one gave up. That would’ve been too easy. Instead we pushed each other, made key plays, and came out with a win. I want to say that after Kaitlyn scored that goal and we all ran to each other for a huge huddle while cheering and hugging each other, was the feeling of excellence. We are striving for that even more this year. To make each one of us feel like they are the most important person out on that field. We all have a common goal and purpose as to why we are on the team and why we do what we do. We’re all here to win our first CSAC championship. Many of us have either been to the championship game or gotten close to it and lost. Because of these past downfalls, we all felt motivated since last season to improve ourselves over the off-season. This included doing more stick work, practicing our shots, more running, and more time lifting. We built our culture of excellence by putting more time and effort into improving ourselves individually that way we could build off each other when season started. Winning a CSAC championship is what’s on all of our minds and we’ll stop at nothing to get it.

Over the past 4 years, these girls have been my second family and I just wanted to say how proud we are of them for their hard work and dedication to this sport on and off the field. They have shown the definition of excellence with their pure dedication to Neumann Women’s Lacrosse.