Neumann Dance Views Stewardship Through Building Our Team Community

Written By: Rebecca Cruice

The Dance Team at Neumann University defines Stewardship as being able to have trust in one another and to be able to care for one another through hard times.  As a group of girls who are not only a team, but also a family we need to be there for one another. Our symbol of Stewardship is reflected through our uniforms that were made from vintage jerseys.  These jerseys exemplify the meaning of Stewardship because they were made from uniforms from the men’s basketball team, whose games we regularly perform at.  We are happy to honor our previous players and practice Stewardship in this special way. 

Our team exemplifies Stewardship in many ways.  As the dance team we perform at the men and women’s basketball games as well as many other school events; which means we practice frequently in order to perform to the best of our ability.  We hold one another accountable with learning the dance, performing it to the best of their ability and to entertain the audience.  If we see a teammate struggling, we look out for one another and help them. 

The example from the Reflection Pillar that I believe pertains most to the Dance Team is self-knowledge.  On the Reflection Pillar it states, “Reflection leads to self-knowledge. Through time in self-examination, we learn about our gifts, weaknesses, strengths and shortcomings. The more we learn about ourselves, the more we learn about God and others.” Self- knowledge to me means that a team should work hard as one to fulfill a goal.  Every dancer is different.  In order to become one, we need to learn ourselves and each other and share all of our resources to help each other succeed.  One specific example of how the Dance Team exemplifies Stewardship and Reflection is every year we participate in our little sisters and big sisters program.  This means that all of our returning members will have a new member to mentor and to be a role model for them. 

Maintaining a culture of Stewardship is very important for not only the Dance Team, but for everyone.  One main quality that is exemplified within our team is love and care and we show this by building our team community.  Holding Christmas celebrations, team dinners and a banquet every year, in addition to our mentorship program, helps the Neumann University Dance Team maintain our culture of stewardship and reflection.  We all have specific strengths and weaknesses and when we bring all those qualities together, that is how we form the talented and beautiful Neumann University Dance Team.