Men’s Rugby: Let The One Among You Who Is Without Sin Throw The First Stone

By: Mike Messina | Inside Center | Neumann University Men's Rugby

Men’s Rugby defines stewardship as taking care of the facilities, the gear that has been given to us and the people around us. We also try to acknowledge the gifts given to us by God, like our ability to play the game that we love so much. We try to work on ourselves to take care of those gifts and share them as well. Stewardship can also be seen when we are not on the field or in the gym. We take care of each other when any of us are in need of anything in academics, life in general or even when in need of a place to crash for the night. We try to take care of each other, especially while we engage in our sometimes-brutal sport. Whether you are a starter or coming off the bench, each team member plays an important role for the team and in the lives of their teammates.

As seen on the Respect Pillar, it states in John 8 verse 7, “let the one among you who is without sin throw the first stone.” We help each other get better and we do not put each other down for our short comings. We all have things that we can work on and on the rugby team we try to be there for each other during our teammates’ journey towards improvement. The rugby team always tries to take care of the fields and facilities entrusted to us by the schools that we visit as well as the field that we are lucky enough to only have to share with women’s rugby team. We maintain this sense of respect by looking out for both our teammates and opponents.

From my own experience, I know that this great group of men values every individual on this team for their unique gifts they share and those who come and support us on a regular basis. Thank you and good luck to all the teams this season.