25 Days of Excellence ft. Adam Fagan

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Next up on 25 Days of Excellence features the captain from the Neumann University Men’s Lacrosse team, Adam Fagan. Adam, a senior from Monsignor Bonner High School is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Athletic Training. Fagan strives for excellence by taking initiative to act on opportunities by displaying a “can do” mentality in all … Read More 

25 Days of Excellence ft. Lydia Beckman

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Next up on 25 Days of Excellence features a stand out defensive athlete on the Neumann University Women’s Lacrosse team, Lydia Beckman. Lydia believes when a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence can truly become a reality. Setting the standard high is important for Beckman in all that she does as she … Read More 

25 Days of Excellence ft. Stephen Battle

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  Committing to excellence is what has shaped some of the most successful athletes in the world. An average athlete can turn into a great athlete by having a vision and a sense of focus that cancels out all distractions. Excellence is not about how much money is in your bank account or what kind of car … Read More 

Empowering Resiliency

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Written By: Marco Sifoni Edited By: Lee DelleMonache When times are tough we tend to fall down but, as many sports related movies have displayed, it is not about how you fall it is how you get back up.  Take Rocky Balboa’s quote for example, “You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as … Read More 

Championship Saturday: A Message from the Seniors

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To our teammates, our sisters, our NUVB family, We are writing this as seniors getting ready to play our last CSAC volleyball championship ever. We are writing to each and every one of you who still have years left to experience this amazing sport that we all cherish. Tonight, we are going into the last … Read More 

Don’t Think, Just Play: A Message to Freshman by Dani Hall

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Dear Freshman Field Hockey Player, Get out to the field and just soak it in… Shake off the nerves; shake off the worry and just play… Play every game, every practice like it’s your last… You never know when it will be your last.. This is an honor. An honor to be on this field… … Read More 

CSAC Defensive Player of the Year Defines How NUVB Eyes Excellence

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A Message by: Melanie Malseed Excellence is defined as the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.  Although every athlete knows they simply cannot be perfect, there is no reason for us not to strive to get as close to it as possible. With wins and losses put aside, the volleyball team strives to excel … Read More 

The Power of Excellence: Neumann University Men’s Soccer

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Neumann Men’s Soccer defines excellence in a multitude of ways. We hold ourselves to certain standards that keep our level of excellence at a peak.  Being punctual, respectful, determined and hardworking keeps our team firing on all cylinders. When we have training sessions, games, or meetings, our guys are always there early and tuned in … Read More 

Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do

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Kyle Gardner, Editor: Too often in the world of athletics an athlete’s development is judged purely by their success in or on their respective field, court, rink or lane. While statistical success may create the forefront of the portrait of an athlete, it’s the developments and the skill sets which go un-captured by the box … Read More 

Sleep Habits in Student Athletes

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  I have been a certified athletic trainer for four years and one of the most popular topics of conversation in the athletic training room is sleep. I have found that some athletes love sleeping and or napping or they are so busy with school, work and sports that they just don’t have time to … Read More