Field Hockey: We Are One Team, One Dream

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Written By: Skyler Lemma For our team, reverence means to show respect to each other and to opposing teams on the field. The field hockey team is another family to each of us.  By establishing a welcoming environment and building our relationships with one another, we have created a sisterhood that supports each other.  We … Read More 

Women’s Soccer: Show Respect and Love Through Actions

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Written By: Jordan Joranian Neumann’s woman soccer exemplifies reverence on and off the field. Each individual, and our team treats each other and everyone else around us with the worth and dignity that they deserve. We define reverence as treating everyone as you would like to be treated, respecting everyone and celebrating their individuality and … Read More 

Jackie Schneider Reflects on her Hockey Experience in a Q & A

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While an individual’s behavior is always their personal responsibility, influences do happen that can affect their performance and a team’s morale. Jackie Schneider, a standout senior athlete on both the women’s ice hockey and softball teams, reflects on her time spent with the women’s ice hockey program and the relationships she created over the last four … Read More 

Redemption Through Victories

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To be the last two teams standing, in an exhausting 64 team tournament, is an accomplishment within itself but, who would not want to be the last team standing hoisting the trophy over their heads? It is hard not to feel good when you see a team rejoicing after they have won a championship game. … Read More