WBB: When We Are Not On The Court, We Feel Something is Missing

The women’s basketball team defines reverence by honoring one another on the basketball court. This team displays Reverence by acknowledging the worth of each individual on the team. Each person on this team possesses a key component that helps our team succeed. Another example on how our team displays reverence is by welcoming our transfers and incoming freshman. We create a welcoming and compassionate community for all.

We acknowledge and honor each individual’s talents and personalities.  Those components are what makes everyone sacred.  I view myself as sacred by taking care of myself and making sure I fuel my body with the right foods. I see how much my team relies on me to take care of myself so that I can help my team perform to the best of our abilities.  Throughout a game, it is difficult to see God in our opponents but, in some instances we can.  Just like our own teammates, sometimes our opponents will help pick someone up if they are on the ground. Each person shows respect for everyone on the court. We experience at away games how welcoming the staff is to us. We see God in our coaches by how they set guidelines and expectations for us to follow to become our best self. We see God in the officials by how they try their best to call each game fairly.

In addition, the basketball court is a sacred place because many people use this as an outlet and a way to release their stresses. The court can be a comfort zone for some people. That is why most people view the basketball court as a sacred place, because they appreciate it.  When we are not on the court we feel like something is missing.  We might feel like so because the court brings us together as a family.  Each year we get a small basketball and each person on the team signs this ball. It is passed around before every game during our pregame prayer with our team chaplains.  This ball signifies much more than just a ball with a bunch of names on it. It signifies that you are a part of the team and, it represents that every person who signs it shows respect towards one another. This is our example of Reverence.

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