NUSB: The Bruder Softball Field Is The Gateway To Our team

Written By: Jennifer Sieminski

Our team embodies the meaning of reverence completely. Reverence to us is appreciating everyone’s talent and contribution no matter how little or big. We understand for us to work and gel together we have to honor one another. You can tell that we all enjoy each other’s company and its not just on the surface. There is not a practice or game where we are not laughing. Anytime we have a new group of girls come in or even a recruit we make everyone feel welcomed just like how we felt.

We respect and value not just each other but our coaches and chaplains because we know they sacrifice their time in order to help us become better. We would not be here without them as they help us grow.

The Bruder softball field is the gateway to our team. Our field is sacred because it gives our team the opportunity to use our God-given talents which in turn connects us and builds our sisterhood.  Without the field, we cannot create our bonds.  When we step into the dugout and lace our cleats up, we have one job, and that is to win but ultimately make memories together. No matter how many times I walk out onto that field, I feel so blessed to play another game.

Our field holds so many special memories like winning multiple CSAC championships and the first AEC championship games. It’s not just sacred to us, but it is sacred to our family members, friends, and the Neumann community. Everyone’s experience at the Bruder softball field makes the field sacred and a special place I know I will never forget.

For speaking on behalf of my team and especially the seniors, our time on that beautiful field is running out. I know each practice and game will mean something to us. As a team we make the field sacred, we put the value and meaning into it that will last a long time.


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