NUML: We Welcome New Faces With Open Arms

Written By: Kyle Daly

Neumann University Men’s Lacrosse exemplifies reverence both on and off the field by showing respect to the people around us and appreciating each person’s individuality. Being able to compete together, even when times are tough, and stay motivated to achieve a common goal shows me that God is with us.

Even though before each game we go out to the rocks outside the Mirenda Center to pray together, our lacrosse field has proven to be an even more sacred space for a few different reasons. I, along with many of my teammates, use the lacrosse field as an outlet to escape from the many stresses of being a college student-athlete. From the many different aspects of life that can overwhelm you like a test that you are nervous to take or the many outside relationships that you are worried about maintaining and growing, the field is somewhere that those issues do not follow you. The lacrosse field allows you to be the athlete you are, demonstrate the skills God blessed you with, and encounter new relationships.

Each year we have a variety of new faces and new personalities within the program that we welcome with open arms. Through time, we are able to grow together and go from teammates, line mates, or locker neighbors into a family. With that, it brings us greater results on the field and a brotherhood for life.
I am thankful to be a part of the men’s lacrosse team here at Neumann and I am thankful for the relationships that it has brought with it.

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