NU Baseball: Representing The Neumann Knight Logo

Written By: Grant Wallace

Most people associate reverence with saying please and thank you and being nice.  That is all appropriate, however, Neumann University Baseball looks at reverence through a different light.  We define reverence by wearing the Neumann Knight logo and representing it properly.  We learned quickly that once we put the Knight head logo on our body, we are the first impression to others of Neumann University.  It is our duty to be respectful of others and our community.

Reverence on our team is lending a helping hand. Reverence is respecting where we come from and what we aspire to be in the future.   Reverence is being interested and open to new ideas.  Reverence is respecting our coaches for their dedication to this program.  Reverence is moving forward after a bad call, and not bringing the rest of the team down with you.  Reverence is having respect for yourself to become the best version of yourself to push the world forward.

Bruder field has become another home, and a safe haven.  Our field is a sacred space because it is our escape from the difficulties that life and college throws towards us.  The field is a place for our team to come together as teammates and grow as people.  We are blessed with the access to the most beautiful field in the region, so the least we can do is respect it.  For 2 and ½ hours each day we are fortunate enough to focus on a game, that we are lucky enough to play at the collegiate level.

I view myself as sacred because I am standing here today after I encountered a potential career-ending and life changing injury last year.  I am not supposed to be standing here representing the Baseball team and play my final year of baseball.  But through unparalleled support and respect for God’s process, I am able to finish what I started as a six-year-old. It is an honor to be presenting this to you all tonight, and here is to unlocking our fullest potential, and having fun playing the sports we love.

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