Neumann Women’s Volleyball: The Selflessness Of This Team Showed The Beauty Within Sport

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Written By: Alex Koppany

The Neumann University Women’s Volleyball team defines stewardship on our team by using our own abilities to motivate and push our teammates and those in our community to be the best players that they can be. Women’s Volleyball maintains a culture of Stewardship by sharing our knowledge of the sport, not only with each other, but with the younger generation.  We had the opportunity to share our knowledge and skills with a Special Olympics Team and also with the campers whom attended our camp.  Each year Neumann volleyball holds a skills camp for girls entering grades 6-12 to instill basic knowledge and technique for the game. As the counselors, we guided the campers to improve and build not only their volleyball skills but their confidence on the court as well. We came together as a team and shared our knowledge with those individuals and made memories that we can cherish for years to come.

Our competitive spirits assist us in constantly improving our own individual game. Our determination, hard work and energy feeds off of one teammate to the next.  The story of Wilma Rudolph on the Beauty Pillar, not only relates to Women’s Volleyball, but reminded me of how this team strives to maintain its’ sense of Stewardship.  Within the pillar it talks about Wilma Rudolph overcoming Polio which crippled her as a child. Even with this physical deficit, Wilma still won three gold medals in the 1960 Olympics and was named “the fastest woman on earth.”

Over the last two seasons, our team has encountered multiple serious injuries, including myself when I had torn my acl last April. Not only did our players jump in to help during situations, but our coaches as well, like the time our assistant coach played as our 6th player on the court when an injury had occurred at our play day.  Our team became selfless, when our players were put into different positions that they normally didn’t play in order to collaborate towards our common goal. Despite our injuries and decreased number of healthy players to step onto the court, our team had many opportunities to give up and let one another down but we fought through the hardships and still had made our way to the championship game against Cabrini.  This selflessness of this team showed the beauty within sport.  Whether it is a graceful dig or exhausting volley, we will be more aware of the beauty within our sport and with our relationships amongst this team.

Our item to represent stewardship is the volleyball itself. Our theme for this season is Kia Kaha, which means Forever Strong. The volleyball is circular in shape and has no beginning or end and goes on forever. This symbolizes our team’s bond both on and off the court. We are committed to Neumann’s core values specifically stewardship. Our team models stewardship through hosting camps in the summer to help younger kids learn the sport we love, volunteering in the community and coaching in the off season. Every time we step on the court to play we are reminded to be good stewards.


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