Neumann Track & Field: Where We Are Strong, We Look To Teach And Improve One Another

Written By: Stephen Battle & Diamond Talley

The item Neumann Track & Field chose to represent stewardship during the 2019 season is the baton. The baton is a symbol of trust, respect, and bonds. Everyone on a relay contributes to the final result. So, the baton serves as a reminder that we must take care of one another in order for everyone to progress, whether that be in Track & Field or in our community. Just like we share or pass along the baton in track and field, we, too, share our resources and gifts to others.

Neumann’s Track & Field Teams define stewardship as the care, handling, and management of resources. We demonstrate this through our actions. Every day, no matter the circumstance, we choose to take advantage of the resources bestowed upon us to work towards honing our craft. Whether we are running on the indoor track, running around in Aston, lifting in the weight room, or working out in the pool at LA fitness, we make sure to use what we are given to the fullest extent. It is our responsibility not only to respect the resources that we have been given, but to also take care of them. That means taking care of each other. There are many events in Track & Field. Everyone has their specialties; their strengths and their weaknesses. Where we are weak, we seek help from one another. Where we are strong, we look to teach and improve one another.

On the Beauty Pillar there is a quote that states, “What keeps me going is remembering why I’m here.” This is a quote from the late Lauren Hill, who heroically battled brain cancer until her death. To her last breath, Lauren Hill remained positive and fought to continue to play the game she loved. Despite having cancer, she was resilient and showed those around her that nothing could stop her unless she allowed it to. Throughout her basketball career, she also raised money to help fund child cancer research. She used the gifts given to her to serve as a pillar of inspiration. We, too, strive to be inspiring figures. We understand that our abilities and gifts are God-given. That is why the soreness, the aches, and the pains that we encounter through track and field are all worth the results we see.  Through pain we find beauty in what we are doing.  We hope that by using our gifts and facing adversity, we can inspire those around us to do the same with the things they are passionate about.

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