Neumann Baseball: No One is Above Anyone

Written By: David Alvarez & Grant Wallace | Neumann Baseball

The Neumann University Baseball team is using a baseball as a symbol of stewardship during the 2019 season. It is important for us to not drop the ball. We need to take care of it and make the plays in order to be successful. The baseball reminds us that we must do the same with our bodies and our mentality going into games. Exercising, getting treatment when we need it, eating healthy and sleeping are some of the physical things we do to take care of ourselves. Taking care of ourselves as individuals and as a community will help us have a successful season and achieve our goals.

Let me ask you all this as a rhetorical question, what does Stewardship mean to you?  Each athlete has his or her own definition of Stewardship, and it is with great pride for me to define Stewardship for Neumann Baseball.  Like every other team, we have goals, and objectives.  Our goals, similar to other teams, are winning an at bat, an inning, a game, a series, a conference championship, regional appearances, etc.  But where we are different is in our objectives.

We strive to get to every meeting, practice, or game early.  We compete against each other in the weight room, classroom, and on the field.  We work towards being the most conditioned team.  Above all, however, our main objective is to act as stewards of Neumann Baseball.

When we put on any piece of Neumann Baseball apparel, we represent those who came before us, and we leave the latest impression.  Which is why our main goal as a team is to act as positive role models on and off the field.  We see each loss, as an opportunity to learn and grow as people.  Our quote from the Balance Pillar is on perspective; “winning is wonderful in every aspect, the darker music of loss resonates on deeper, richer planes…Loss is a fiercer, more uncompromising teacher, coldhearted but clear-eyed in its understanding that life is more dilemma than game, and more trial than free pass”.  So, it is up to ourselves as players, under the guidance of our coaches, with the support of our loved ones, to balance our daily lives and relationships in order to reach our goals as a team.  No one is above anyone, we are all equal stewards of Neumann Baseball, on and off the field.  Thank you, and God Bless!

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