E-Sports: There Is A Sacredness To Our Game Room

Written By: DaeKwon Sequira

The Neumann Esports team defines reverence as treating everyone as we want to be treated, teammate or opponent.  There is a reverence in coming to practice and being ready to play. In doing so, we are able to take constructive criticism and learn from our mistakes and give the team 110%. We respect the game just as much as we respect our teammates.

Each player of the Esports team brings different strengths and talents to the table.  We acknowledge and value the talents and abilities that our teammates bring to the team.  Each of one us is sacred because the things that make us different are also the things that make us unique.  We exemplify reverence as we are inclusive and welcoming to everyone where we can build strong relationships.  By leaning on each other, we make sure we are putting our best foot forward in order to be able to be successful in the league. No matter the game which is being played by a specific cohort, we utilize our camaraderie to motivate each other to do better so that we are able to live up to our true potential as gamers and representatives of Neumann University.

There is a sacredness to our game room, as a brotherhood and sisterhood has been created that brings us together as a family where can come together to enjoy each other’s company, play and have fun, compete, and have some peace of mind from our daily responsibilities.  From the start to finish, we are competing with everything we have. There is no malicious intent towards the other team it’s just business, but after the game we are friendly to one another. Win or lose, we are humble and show compassion and respect.

I may not be one to go to church all the time, but I make it my mission to serve God in any way I possibly can, from showing him how much he means to me to how I show kindness and compassion to other people. Honestly, God is everywhere, you can always count on him to be there when you are facing adversity. For example, I can tell you God was with us as it was difficult in the beginning stages of forming the club. David Deal was the man that made it happen with helping us find a place to play our matches and obtaining us the proper equipment to allow us to be able to show Neumann and the gaming world our potential.


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