Cross Country: God Is Truly Present In The Friendships That We Make While Running

Written By: Tommy Andruszko & Julia Howell

Reverence is something that we believe the sport of cross country embodies. Our goal is to get from start to finish. However, the journey to get there is the hard part. We are faced with in climate weather, hills, and distances that can truly test our strength. Still, each runner shows up and continues to run while creating a respectful and motivating environment. I believe that reverence is present throughout the whole cross country race. Whether we are successful or have fallen short, we see God in all of our races because we know that He has given us our abilities and strengthens us to perform well.  Not only is God present in our prayers before our races but, He is present on the course.

God can be seen throughout our opponents who show kindness and respect to all athletes. I always found it so special that, right before the gun would go off, members of opposing teams wish everyone good luck. Once the race had started, if girls pass me or if I have passed girls, there is always a quick inspiration given to each other (keep going, you’ve got this).  There have been times in races where I feel like I cannot keep going, but someone gives me the words of encouragement that I need to finish.

Those words of encouragement usually come from our teammates. God is truly present in the friendships that we make while running and throughout the good times we have during the season. We help each other through our workouts and our races.  As teammates, we are constantly supporting and taking care of each other because each one of us has value on the team.  It is our duty to live out our talents and gifts that God has given us, and we work our hardest to not let our abilities go to waste.  We serve and sacrifice for each other because each one of us is sacred.

Our cross-country courses are special and sacred because we are performing and living out our gifts. We have respect for our courses because each one has its own level of difficulty. Some can be hilly, some can be flatter, but they all give us the chance to test our bodies and push the limits to be the best version of ourselves. When we compete, we also form great friendships and support and build up our team. Our courses are never easy, but the lessons, friendships, and successes that we take away from them are great.

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