A Messge To My Teammates by Angeline Taiariol

Written By: Angeline Taiariol

Being on the Neumann University Women’s Ice Hockey team has meant a lot to me. Without it, I would not have meet some of my closest friends. It has really helped me grow not only on the ice but off the ice as well, and has given me some amazing memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. My Neumann experience has prepared me for life after athletics very well. Coming to Aston, I have really been able to see my independence grow. When I first got here I was quite reserved and was quite homesick at times, but with the help of my teammates, Neumann really does feel like a second home. By having people by my side it taught me that I can accomplish anything that comes my way, and that I never have to face problems alone.

My favorite memories while playing ice hockey at Neumann would be making playoffs last year, I think it showed how much this program had grown over the last couple years and we really got close as a team. Another would just have to be all of the people i have met and all the friendships I’ve been able to make over the last 3 years. To the next person who wears #5, I would tell them to never take the jersey for granted. Wear the jersey with respect and always remember that you are not just representing yourself when you wear it. You are a representation of the school, your teammates and everyone who has ever helped you get to this point. Finally, I would tell whoever wears #5 next that I hope they hit the net more than I did, rather than all the posts.

One final message I want to tell my teammates is that without them I would not have had the same experience. I would tell them that these years go by quickly so cherish all the moments you have with each other and enjoy the time you spend at the rink. Make sure you are challenging yourself and always make the best out of every opportunity that gets thrown at you during your stay at Neumann University.

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