Neumann Softball: We Steward and Use Our Resources for a Sacred Place to Play

Written By: Taylor Naman | Softball

The Neumann University Softball team utilizes a rake as our symbol of stewardship and as a resource to maintain and upkeep our field for practices and games.

The way Neumann Softball team defines stewardship is taking care of and being proud of the things around us. This is shown on our team by the way that we take care of our beautiful field and appreciate the fact that we get the chance to better ourselves every day.

An example from the Beauty Pillar that I think pertains the most to Neumann Softball is healing. This can be interpreted in a few different ways.  From my point of view, by being on our own we cannot achieve as much as we can by being part of a team. Being a part of a team is an amazing opportunity that everybody should get the chance to experience.  The Pillar mentions that “Beauty can move us out of selfishness or… ‘un-self’ us”. Playing on a team can have the same results because when you step out on that field you are not only playing for yourself, but you are playing for your teammates, coaches, and your school.

Our team shows healing and beauty every time we step onto the field because we are all playing for each other and have the common goal of bettering each and every player spiritually and physically. Neumann Softball builds a culture of stewardship by having respect for the equipment and field that we are lucky enough to play on every day. Stewardship is exemplified on this team through the preparation of the field for every home game.  The process of raking, lining and making sure both dugouts and the field are looking the best they possibly can. Not only does it show respect for our facility, but it also brings the team together and makes us closer. Through this, we steward and use our resources that create a sacred place for us to play.

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