Neumann University ISSCD Partners with Beyond Sport


For Beyond the Divide Summit

On September 10, 2013, Neumann University hosted Beyond the Divide: a special event during the Beyond Sport Summit on how sports can address conflicts, reduce ignorance, and bridge religious divide.

Using panel discussions and guest speakers, a unique day of events awakened the audience to the potential sport has to bring about positive social change in our diverse world.  Representatives from Israel, Palestine, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, UK, South Africa, Philippines, Colombia, Laos, Sierra, Leone, Australia and Liberia shared their experiences.  Oliver Percovich spoke of how his love for skateboarding found a way to unite different ethnic groups in Afghanistan.  Sara Potler-Layane crosses four continents using creative movement to address and transform conflict and violence in communities by improving social and emotional skills. 

The highlight of the day was closing speaker, Brian Dawkins, former Philadelphia Eagles player, who spoke about Faith and compared it to lifting weights.  “Faith is a muscle.  The more you use it, the stronger it gets.”  Dawkins challenged each person in attendance to find a way to help make the world a better place. 

Details of the day’s events can be viewed on the following link:

Keynote Address:   Dr. Rosalie Mirenda, Neumann University President
                     Peace Belongs to All of Humanity

Panel Discussions

*Perspectives on the Concept of Sport as an Effective Tool for Conflict Resolution             
with Moderator Dr. Geoffrey Karabin, NU Asst. Philosophy Professor  An engaging discussion on how sport can be used as an effective tool toward building peace and resolving conflict.

Expert Panelists:
Brendan Tuohey:  Founder, Peaceplayers International   Tuohey shares how his non-profit organization unites children from communities in conflict through teaching them to play basketball together.  Coaches and mentors work year-round to unite, educate, and inspire these young people to create a more peaceful world.

Ali Fahour:  Co-Founder of of Australian Football Rules-Bachar Houli Islamic Program  This national program provides Islamic-based schools and students the opportunity to compete in an Austrailian Football League 9’s competition and celebrate cultural diversity.  It is a high performance  talent camp for emerging junior players aged14-16. It aims to develop bothleadership and  football skills.

Sara Potler-Lahayne:  Founder and CEO, Move This World  Using creative movement to address and transform conflict, violence, and bullying in communities worldwide, this organization’s holistic approach uses an innovative, evidence-based curriculum to work with partners across four continents to improve social and emotional skills through movement.

Rodrigo Fonseca:  Sports for Development Program Specialist, UNICEF-Brazil  Fonseca explains that sport and play are vital elements to the health, happiness, and well-being of children.  Participation in structured sport and play teaches basic values and life skills, such as hard work, discipline, teamwork, fairness and respect for others.  It also enhances physical and psychosocial development, which help youngsters learn to respond appropriately to events in their daily lives.

*Sport & Conflict Resolution:  Stories from the Ground with Moderator Dr. Joseph Glass, Asst. Professor of Communications and Media Arts.  Engaging talks from practitioners who use sport to address issues involving ethnic or faith-based differences.