The Year of Stewardship: It’s Our Responsibility to Represent Something Greater Than Just Ourselves – Men’s Soccer

The object that the Neumann University Men’s Soccer team chose to represent Stewardship is our away jersey. Our away jersey symbolizes stewardship because it is the embodiment of what our team represents when we are on the road. We are not only stewards of the Neumann men’s soccer team, but we are stewards of Neumann University and its RISES values. Every time we put that jersey on, it is a reminder that we are not just representing ourselves but also the entire University and all of its values.

The men’s soccer team at Neumann University defines stewardship as our responsibility to represent something greater than just ourselves, to represent our beloved Neumann University. Whether it be through the way we hold ourselves after a missed call or how we care for our facilities, how we act in the classroom or around the world. We are focusing this year on humbling ourselves and taking a step back to see how lucky we are for what we are given.

While focusing on the Respect Pillar an example that struck my attention was a quote from Knute Rockne which reads “One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than 50 preaching it.”  This quote is important for our team because our program in the past did a lot of talking, or preaching. This year we’ve gone out of our way to make sure we are aware of this and to make sure we follow up on what we preach. This group that we have put together for this season has committed to taking that step that will set us apart from the rest. We’ve decided that after every function that we are going to shake hands with our coaches even if we are frustrated over how things went that day. It is a sign of respect that we have dubbed important and is one that we believe will snowball into many more respectful actions.

This year we will own up to the challenge. The challenge to be the team, who are the stewards that Neumann University deserve. The challenge to respect ourselves, our opponents and everyone in between. We are Neumann University and we are up for the task.