The Year of Stewardship: Playing Every Game Like it’s our Last – Women’s Soccer

As stewards and representatives of this institution we find balance in each other as we rely on our teammates to achieve success. This success is not just about being on the field but also about supporting each other academically and through our personal development. This team ball that we all signed is a reminder that we always support each other and that we are entrusted with the privilege of representing Neumann University as part of the women’s soccer team.

My name is Tina Tarantino and I am a sophomore on the Neumann University women’s soccer team. Our team defines stewardship as using what God gave us to our best ability. This means pushing ourselves through a long preseason and using every minute we spend training to put forth our best work. Many people have played soccer in their lives, but not at the colligate level we play today. As we are entering the new conference we are up against tougher teams academically and athletically. This challenges us to be better than the competitors in both categories. I believe that we have the upper hand on this because we are always pushing each other to balance our lives between school and sports.

In this way my team and I are a great example of the balance pillar. Being Perfect from the balance pillar says, “Being perfect is about being able to look your friends in the eye and know that you didn’t let them down because you did everything you could.” My teammates and I are constantly working hard in the classroom so that we are eligible to play. We are able to recognize are faults and loses and work together to perfect one another’s performances. This applies to both on and off the field. On our team, stewardship is shown by pushing ourselves through our sprints, challenging ourselves to take the best shot, and working with one another to help each other through the hard times when we want to give up.

The Neumann University women’s soccer team exemplifies stewardship by playing every game like it is our last game. We are always working hard and always want what is best for one another on and off of the field so that we can always see each other succeed. For example, last semester one of my teammates was struggling in her math class which I had already taken. I offered to tutor her so that she was able to succeed. This is just one example of the many ways that shows how my teammates and I are always willing to help each other no matter what it takes.  When one teammate doesn’t have a certain skill or is struggling, another teammate is there to offer their resources to balance it out.  In order to succeed, we know that our team must be whole therefore all aspects of the team must be balanced.