Triple-Play: Linking sports, spirituality, and Catholic higher education

Men's basketball chaplain

Lee M. DelleMonache, director of the Institute for Sport, Spirituality and Character Development, co-authored with Michael Galligan-Stierle “Triple-Play: Linking sports, spirituality, and Catholic higher education,” which ran in the National Catholic Reporter and was reprinted online by the Vatican. The article explores how Catholic colleges and universities must take the time and effort to prompt students to form a deeper awareness of themselves, others, and God as they seek to answer the big questions about life and their place in the world. In many ways, collegiate sports provide students a distinct and special opportunity to sharpen their skills, discover their strengths, explore the connection between sports and spirituality, and develop virtues.

Click below to download a scanned copy of the article, or here to read the Vatican’s reprint online (in Italian).