Thursday Thoughts: Take Nothing For Granted

We can be thankful on a daily basis for all of our blessings.  I am positive that everyone has caught a glimpse of a moment in professional and/or amateur sports where an athlete blesses themselves before going up to bat, after a touchdown, after a big play, and even after a game, etc.  We can even find these moments of prayer placed in motion pictures such as Friday Night Lights and in the various Rocky movies right before his boxing matches.  Did you ever wonder why these athletes bless themselves? Maybe athletes bless themselves to ask God to help them win or perform well.  Or, maybe when athletes make the sign of the cross they are praying and thanking God for the ability to use their God-given talents and the opportunity to use their gifts to be able to play the sport they love.

Maybe we should take a little more notice to this concept in our own lives.  Are we taking the “little things” for granted?  At times, we may take the ability to watch and enjoy the sports we love for granted. 

It helps to appreciate what you have when you have it because you never know when it will vanish.  Even appreciate your failures, obstacles, and challenges as lessons to be learned.  Hard times and struggles that break us down can make us stronger and shape us into the best-version-of-ourselves if we persevere.  Sometimes things don’t go according to our plans but, it is up to us to respond with a great attitude.  It is a testament to our faith when we can still pray to God after our failures or losses to thank Him for the opportunity to use what we learn from setbacks to grow and help others.

As our many blessings help us along our journey to make us who we are and to overcome our weaknesses, we can also be reminded to steward those blessings.  Stewarding our gifts and serving others not only gives others a moment of joy, during their time of need, but it also allows us an opportunity to get closer to God.  Maybe someone is thankful for you and all the things you do in their lives.  Reflect on the blessings you have received and how you can use your blessings to make someone else’s day better.  Be humble, be grateful, and be thankful!!

I want wish all of you a blessed and safe Happy Thanksgiving!