Sports Illustrated Vault

sports illustrated sports saves the world

Sports Illustrated magazine has produced great articles over the past few years examining the role of sport in our lives and in the world. A sampling of those articles is offered here.

 Seeking Shelter: Sports and the Oklahoma Tragedy


In the wake of the tornado that tore through their Oklahoma community, Southmoore High’s football players found ballast in the game that unifies them.

Layden, T. (2013, June 3). Seeking Shelter. Sports Illustrated, 118(23), 15-18.

Sports in America: In My Tribe

Sports Illustrated Sport in America

Our sports have become more and more about money and marketing. But to most of us they’re still about the stories we tell one another, the transcendent moments that lift us – the very way we define ourselves.

McDonell, T. (2011, November 28). Sport In America: In My Tribe. Sports Illustrated115(21), 68-82.

Sports Saves the World 

sports illustrated sports saves the world

In grassroots programs involving tens of thousands of participants around the globe, visionaries are using athletics to tackle the most pressing problems of the developing world – from AIDS in Africa to violence in Rio. Can such projects make a lasting difference, or is the dream of salvation through sports too grandiose? SI senior writer Alexander Wolff sett off on a yearlong journey to find the answer.

Wolff, A. (2011, September 26). Sports Saves the World. Sports Illustrated115(12), 62-70.