Thursday Thoughts: When Times Are Tough, We Must Look At The Positives

There has been recent incidences in the past few weeks that have raised many concerns on maintaining peace in our world.  In particular, an attack was taken place on people who were vulnerable while attending a prayerful service and another act of violence was a fight between two professional athletes.  The synagogue attack in Pittsburgh, … Read More 

Thursday Thoughts: A Message of Faith

In sports, it is not uncommon to run into an opponent who trash talks to you and/or your teammates, gives you a cheap shot, or even starts an actual fist fight.  Some might say that these opponents are sore losers and just do everything they can to win, even if that means playing dirty.  Sometimes … Read More 

Thursday Thoughts: Open The Door

The Church recently recognized St. Padre Pio’s feast day this past Sunday, September, 23rd.  A few days earlier, on September 20th, we also recognized the feast day of when St. Padre Pio received the stigmata.  The stigmata is known to many as the wounds of Christ for the wounds that appear on a person’s body … Read More 

Thursday Thoughts: There Is Something On The Other Side

Good Afternoon Team Chaplains, Welcome to Thursday’s Thoughts from the ISSCD!  This campaign has been created to assist you, our chaplains, by providing you with different resources on a regular basis that are already out in the world and bringing them right to your computer screen/cellular device.  You are more than welcome to use these … Read More 

The Power of Prayer: Sister Jean

For this edition of THURSDAY’S THOUGHTS, I wanted to focus on the power of prayer and all of the buzz on a Cinderella story in the NCAA Division I March Madness Tournament. I am sure you have heard by now about the Loyola University of Chicago Men’s Basketball Team and who Sr. Jean is to … Read More 

Thursday Thoughts: Villanova Basketball

For this edition of THURSDAY’S THOUGHTS, I wanted to focus on the Lenten Season and the NCAA March Madness Tournament. The long journey of fasting, sacrifice, and performing positive acts during the Lenten Season has come and gone, much like the road to the final game of the NCAA March Madness Tournament.  As many of … Read More 

Thursday Thoughts on Opening Day

For this edition of THURSDAY’S THOUGHTS, I wanted to focus on the Spring Training and Opening Day. Opening Day in Major League Baseball has come and gone which means the spring season and weather is here (or so we thought).  While hibernating with these excessive snow storms, I am sure a lot of you began … Read More 

Thursday Thoughts Ft. Andre Ingram

For this edition of THURSDAY’S THOUGHTS, I wanted to focus on a story of beauty, fulfilling your dreams, and trust in God’s will. “I did not ask for success; I asked for wonder. And You gave it to me.  Awe is… a realization that things not only are what they are but also stand… for … Read More 
Coaching with team chaplains

Coaching with Team Chaplains

This one is for the coaches! This free guide will help you integrate team chaplains into your athletic program, ensuring this unique ministry is best positioned to promote team success. Read More 
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