Neumann Field Hockey: We Play For Each Other

During a field hockey practice and game we receive a ball with gratitude that our teammate passed to us, we use it carefully as not to lose it to the other team and share is generously with our teammates to score and win the game. We all have received the sacred gift from God that … Read More 

Men’s Soccer: Building a Culture of Excellence Through Accountability

Hello my name is Levi Massey and I am the Men’s Soccer Team Representative.  Neumann Men’s Soccer defines excellence in a multitude of ways. We hold ourselves to certain standards that keep our level of excellence at a peak.  Being punctual, respectful, determined and hardworking keeps our team firing on all cylinders. When we have … Read More 

Women’s Rugby Finds Excellence Through the Help of Each Other

Hello my name Kimberly Kasnic and I play “Lose-head Prop” position for the Women’s Rugby Team.  Excellence is usually described as being outstanding or extremely good. Our team defines excellence as going above and beyond. Excellence to us is not being content with the bare minimum and just being “good.” To us, excellence is seeing … Read More 

Excellence Found in Inaugural Year of Men’s Volleyball

Hello, my name is Patrick Morgan. I am the captain of the Men’s Volleyball team and if you did not know this is our inaugural season. The C.O.R.E value of the year is excellence and our team defines excellence as “performing to the best of our ability.” We strive to perform everything to the best … Read More 

A Culture of Excellence in Men’s Golf

Hello, my name is Justin Howe and I represent the Men’s Golf Team.  With wins and losses put aside, our team defines excellence by always taking our practice rounds or tournaments by 1 shot at a time and always giving 100% effort on that 1 shot. I know that sounds cliché, but golf is game … Read More 

Excellence Being Found On and Off the Diamond

Hello and good evening my name is Grant Wallace, a junior on our baseball team.  It is my pleasure to be able to represent our baseball team, and what the RISES value of excellence means to us.  Excellence is defined as the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.  Most people associate excellence with winning, … Read More 
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