Men’s Soccer: Building a Culture of Excellence Through Accountability

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Hello my name is Levi Massey and I am the Men’s Soccer Team Representative.  Neumann Men’s Soccer defines excellence in a multitude of ways. We hold ourselves to certain standards that keep our level of excellence at a peak.  Being punctual, respectful, determined and hardworking keeps our team firing on all cylinders. When we have training sessions, games, or meetings, our guys are always there early and tuned in physically and mentally for whatever we’re doing. We are always respectful to each other, our coaches, and our opponents. Excellence isn’t something that can be taught, it’s hardwired in your brain. You have to wake up every day wanting to be better than you were yesterday, in all aspects of your life, and that’s how we overcome our challenges.

Last year there was a specific defining moment that exemplified excellence. We were in a serious slump, our team was 3-11, and guys were down. We had a big challenge ahead of us – we had to drive two and a half hours up to Keystone who was 5-0 in the conference at the time. All of the odds were stacked against us, but our guys didn’t shy away from the challenge. We ended up winning 1-0, and after that we won out the rest of the season. We could have thrown in the towel, accepted the fact that we were a 3-11 team, but we knew that wasn’t who we were. It’s not about where you start, it’s about where you finish.

We build a culture of excellence by keeping everyone accountable for their actions. It starts with our coaching staff; they lead and guide us to the best of their ability to make sure that we are the best that we can be. Our culture of excellence is built on our motto “One Love.” We stand strong together, 29 players and 3 coaches.

On our team excellence is represented on and off the field. Excellence is stringing 20 passes together resulting in a goal that leads your team to a semi-final playoff spot. Excellence is going the distance in class, being prompt and on time, building relationships with your professors and striving for an A. Excellence is also being there for your boys when they have a rough day, or if they’re having trouble on the field; we’re all here to make each other better and that’s why we are strong.

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