How to build Excellence through Women’s Golf at Neumann University

My name is Julia Fair and I am representing the Women’s Golf Team.  The women’s golf team defines excellence as improving both as a team and individual every day.  Excellence on our team is each of us getting to the range, working on putting, and taking advantage of putting time in the gym.  Excellence also looks like supporting each other to work hard to drop strokes every time we play, play with integrity, and no matter what to not give up.

Our team builds a culture of excellence by pushing ourselves to strive for excellence by having good character, working towards improving each of our games in order to lower are team score.  Being on the golf course for 4-5 hours presents itself with many challenges, one of which is holding ourselves and each other accountable. Playing with integrity and honesty is extremely important to our sport. Golf is unique in the sense that there are no referees and/or officials watching every move we make on the course. No matter what happens on the course we strive for excellence.