The Institute strives to offer practical resources for groups and individuals seeking to develop programming around sports leadership and spirituality in sport. Our library includes reflection guides, training workshop exercises, team activity templates, and eBooks.

The Institute is committed to offering resources that help student-athletes, coaches, administrators, and mentors foster the growth of their communities. This section includes articles, eBooks, and guides to explore our perspective on sports and bring that perspective to your own programs.
Team chaplains offer a special ministry to student-athletes and make them aware of God’s presence on the field, court, and rink. Here, we offer resources aimed at guiding you through the formation of team chaplains in your own athletic program.
Our community explores the ways that sport can help individuals become whole persons who are linked more closely with God. Here, we offer reflections from Neumann students and resources to direct your own reflections on sports and spirituality.
In our research and reading we find excellent resources on sports, leadership, and spirituality around the web. In this section, we offer a continually-updated listing of excellent external resources.