Men’s Rugby: The Pitch, Our Field, Is Extremely Sacred To Us

Written By: Connor Gilden

High regard, admiration, deep or high respect for someone or something, that’s how we, the Neumann University Rugby Team define Reverence. Reverence looks like many things on the rugby team because not only do we respect each other as athletes, coaches, and chaplains but, we respect each other as individuals and what we bring to the team.  All of us can be considered sacred because we see each other as more than just athletes. Every member of our team is valued because of their individuality.  We show immense respect towards our brothers as we are aware of each others’ talents.  For example, we know our wings are faster so we want them on the wing and not in the middle of the field and our bigger players are much better in the middle of the field rather than on the wing. As a team we respect everyone’s individual talents because we know when one teammate lacks something we can come together as a team, fill in the gap, and be stronger than ever.

The Pitch, our field, is extremely sacred to us. We love our field, as a team we put hours of practice on that field each week to improve our skills and also help each other grow.  Amongst all the blood, sweat and tears that we share on this field, the main reason which makes this field sacred is due to the brotherhood and sense of camaraderie that has been created on this team.  Come weekends we are ready to defend our field against our opponents.  I will admit that it is difficult, as a team, to see God or something of the spiritual in our opponents mostly because in the middle of the game our mentality is looking at the other team as the enemy. Through this year of Reverence, our team will try to improve and be open to change and see our opponents, teammates, coaches, chaplains, and officials through a new perspective….a reverent perspective.

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