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Be the one that takes chances today. Be the one that takes risks today. Be the one, your teammates and coaches can rely on at any moment in the game today. Be the one that challenges your teammates today. Be the one that sets your teammates up for success today. Be the one that executes … Read More 

Neumann Women’s Volleyball: The Selflessness Of This Team Showed The Beauty Within Sport

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Written By: Alex Koppany The Neumann University Women’s Volleyball team defines stewardship on our team by using our own abilities to motivate and push our teammates and those in our community to be the best players that they can be. Women’s Volleyball maintains a culture of Stewardship by sharing our knowledge of the sport, not … Read More 

A Champion: What Does It Take To Become One?

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What does it take to become a champion? The secret is so simple and so basic yet is overlooked by most. Success in and out of sports is directly related to how willing you are to venture outside of your own comfort zone. It’s not the natural talent, the physical gifts or the training advantages … Read More 

HONESTY – A Trait in Great Leadership

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Whenever you lead a group of individuals whether they are employees, colleagues, or any other group of people they will look to you for guidance. Therefore, you must display qualities which will inspire them and give them a behavior to emulate. Honesty is one trait great leaders typically display. Honesty encourages the team members to … Read More 

Excellence Through Men’s Volleyball

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My name is Patrick Morgan. I am the captain of the Men’s Volleyball team and if you did not know this is our inaugural season. The C.O.R.E value of the year is excellence and our team defines excellence as “performing to the best of our ability.” We strive to perform everything to the best of … Read More 

Excellence Through Golf

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Written By: Justin Howe With wins and losses put aside, our team defines excellence by always taking our practice rounds or tournaments by 1 shot at a time and always giving 100% effort on that 1 shot. I know that sounds cliché, but golf is game of ups and downs, uncertainty, and bad luck. Our … Read More 

Excellence Through Lacrosse

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Written By: Alex Rucci Excellence – the definition of excellence is a talent or quality that is so good that it surpasses ordinary standards. It’s not about how many wins or loses your team accumulates throughout the season. However, it’s about what your team does that other teams don’t that separate you from the rest. … Read More 

Excellence Through Baseball

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Written By: Grant Wallace Excellence is defined as the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.  Most people associate excellence with winning, whether it’s individual wins or accomplishments, conference championships, or world championships.  However, Neumann University Baseball looks at excellence through a different light.  We define excellence by doing everything the right way.  You may … Read More 

Excellence Through Softball

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My name is Jennifer Sieminski and I am a pitcher for the Neumann University Softball Team. One player who represented excellence the past week is Nick Foles. Foles stated “Failure is a part of life. That’s a part of building character and growing. Without failure, who would you be? I wouldn’t be up here if … Read More 

Inspiration by #11

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Written By: Abigail Yusella We all have certain people in our lives that we look up to for inspiration. It may be because of their personality traits, their success, or even their connection that we just feel we relate. For junior soccer player Shane Smith, it is all of the above when it comes to the … Read More