Jackie Schneider Reflects on her Hockey Experience in a Q & A

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While an individual’s behavior is always their personal responsibility, influences do happen that can affect their performance and a team’s morale. Jackie Schneider, a standout senior athlete on both the women’s ice hockey and softball teams, reflects on her time spent with the women’s ice hockey program and the relationships she created over the last four … Read More 

Men’s Basketball: The Key to Success Is Communication

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Written By:Jordan Collins, Men’s Basketball To the men’s basketball team, Stewardship is the management or care of something to assist it to grow to become a success. On our team stewardship looks like working together as a team to achieve our common goal, which is to win the first Atlantic East championship and NCAA championship. … Read More 

Dr. Haug Reflects on Winter Commissioning Service

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Written By: Dr. Christopher Haug | Vice President for Student Affairs A simple brown Tau cross hangs from my rearview mirror. As I drive about the narrow and rolling roads of Delaware county, a short blue cord gently keeps it swaying about. Suspended in my vision while I drive, I don’t always notice it. It has … Read More 

Bringing Lacrosse Halfway Around the World

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It’s not often that you get the chance to travel to a place you’ve dreamed about and bring the sport you love with you. But that’s exactly the experience senior Zac Clifton had last summer when he traveled to South Africa with Student-Athletes Abroad. Student-Athletes Abroad is an international educational program designed to remove barriers … Read More 

Cheerleading: Our Bows Represent Our Bond With Each Other

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Written By: Heather Tareila | Cheerleading The Cheerleading team defines Stewardship as teamwork, simply, because we care, trust, support, and encourage one another. On our team, Stewardship is seen through everything that we do because it is a group effort. In order to work as a team, we need to share our thoughts, abilities, and … Read More 

Men’s Volleyball: We Are All Equal In The Eyes Of God

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Written By: Khash Eshaghi, Sophmore | Men’s Volleyball Stewardship is about taking care of something.  In Volleyball, the goal of the team is to take care of the volleyball.  A unique aspect of volleyball is that the team usually makes three contacts on the ball by three individual players before returning it to the other … Read More 

Women’s Ice Hockey: Buying Into Everything We Do

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Written By: Steph Grundy, Senior | Women’s Ice Hockey Item Statement: The item that we have chosen to symbolize stewardship is a pair of hockey gloves. Stewardship is essentially the careful management of something that is entrusted into one’s care. Neumann University has entrusted the 21 girls on our team to care and help nourish the … Read More 

I Will Always Be Your Biggest Fan

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Written with love by Denise Chain Dear Colleen, As people age, we notice that time appears to speed up and even the most pivotal moments flash by in the blink of an eye. This does not happen when we are younger, when all we want to do is be on our own, do our own … Read More