Knights on 3… Family on 6

| by Evan Zielinski

Written By: KiJana Anderson As many of you know this is the first time in about 5 years since the university has had a club hockey team and we are happy that we were able to bring such a beloved sport back to the university.  With currently being 7-4, we are off to a great … Read More 

Men’s VB: It Is Natural To Feel Valued, Appreciated, and Supported

| by Evan Zielinski

Written By: Ryan Bollinger Through Neumann University’s core values of RISES, our community lives out the actions which these values encourage.  Reverence, Integrity, Service, Excellence, and Stewardship promote and incorporate both positivity and Catholic social values.  Reverence, the first value of RISES, can be defined as recognizing and acknowledging an individual’s strengths and talents.  All … Read More 

Neumann Dance: God Watches Over Us Anytime We Perform

| by Evan Zielinski

Our team defines reverence by respecting ourselves, our other team members, our coaches and our chaplain.  Respect is showing encouragement to one another, helping each other and listening to each other’s critiques and comments.  As dancers, we all have our individual strengths and weaknesses.  Respecting those strengths and weaknesses helps us grow not only as … Read More 

E-Sports: There Is A Sacredness To Our Game Room

November 15, 2019 | by Evan Zielinski

Written By: DaeKwon Sequira The Neumann Esports team defines reverence as treating everyone as we want to be treated, teammate or opponent.  There is a reverence in coming to practice and being ready to play. In doing so, we are able to take constructive criticism and learn from our mistakes and give the team 110%. … Read More 

Field Hockey: We Are One Team, One Dream

September 23, 2019 | by Evan Zielinski

Written By: Skyler Lemma For our team, reverence means to show respect to each other and to opposing teams on the field. The field hockey team is another family to each of us.  By establishing a welcoming environment and building our relationships with one another, we have created a sisterhood that supports each other.  We … Read More 

Women’s Soccer: Show Respect and Love Through Actions

| by Evan Zielinski

Written By: Jordan Joranian Neumann’s woman soccer exemplifies reverence on and off the field. Each individual, and our team treats each other and everyone else around us with the worth and dignity that they deserve. We define reverence as treating everyone as you would like to be treated, respecting everyone and celebrating their individuality and … Read More