Thursday Thoughts: Mamba Mentality

March 19, 2020 | by Evan Zielinski

Written By: Marco Sifoni KOBE!!!! – one of the most iconic and infamous things basketball players/fans would say as they take a game-winning shot or fade away jumper while playing in a game of basketball basically calling out that their shot was right on the money.  That specific action means a whole lot more today than it ever did.  It has been over a … Read More 

Club Baseball: Sometimes All It Takes Is That Extra Push

February 27, 2020 | by Evan Zielinski

Club Baseball defines reverence as recognizing the individual strengths and talents of each team member and this is done by motivating each other, whether in the classroom or, in our case, on the baseball field.  We take pride in respecting one another and motivating each other to give that extra encouragement to succeed.  Whether I … Read More 

NUTF: It Is Important To Take A Step Back

| by Evan Zielinski

Written By: Siobhan Cunningham The word reverence, like most words, carries a different meaning depending on the context. When most people think of the word reverence, they associate it with respect. On this team, we define the word as more than respect but also pride. We take pride in mastering our craft and that looks … Read More 

NUWT: Respect Is An Important Aspect Of Sportsmanship

| by Evan Zielinski

Written By: Mia Cimino The women’s tennis team lives out Neumann’s definition of Reverence, by trying to honor the worth and dignity of each person all while creating a compassionate community around us.  Respect is an important aspect of sportsmanship, which my team practices at every match. Respecting the game is crucial as we must … Read More 

NU Baseball: Representing The Neumann Knight Logo

| by Evan Zielinski

Written By: Grant Wallace Most people associate reverence with saying please and thank you and being nice.  That is all appropriate, however, Neumann University Baseball looks at reverence through a different light.  We define reverence by wearing the Neumann Knight logo and representing it properly.  We learned quickly that once we put the Knight head … Read More 

NUML: We Welcome New Faces With Open Arms

| by Evan Zielinski

Written By: Kyle Daly Neumann University Men’s Lacrosse exemplifies reverence both on and off the field by showing respect to the people around us and appreciating each person’s individuality. Being able to compete together, even when times are tough, and stay motivated to achieve a common goal shows me that God is with us. Even … Read More 

WIH: Everyone Can Look Through A Different Lens

January 9, 2020 | by Evan Zielinski

Written By: Helen Cooney Reverence is the first value of our RISES values that Neumann has implemented into our culture as guides for us to live by along our journey. Reverence, as defined by the Neumann Women’s Ice Hockey team, is another word for showing someone respect, appreciating each individual for who they are, and … Read More